Artist Statement

"Space is an abstract term for a complex set of ideas. People of different cultures differ in how they divide up their world, assign values to its parts, and measure them. Ways of dividing up space vary enormously in intricacy and sophistication, as do techniques of judging size and distance. Nonetheless, certain cross cultural similarities exist...." - Yi Fu Tuan, Space and Place

My work reflects an interest in geography and in our relationships to the places which we inhabit. Constructed landscapes are made with real, imagined, or dreamed locales in mind. I enjoy making images and objects that create a sense of abstract place, allowing for realism and abstraction to intersect. In most works, images of nature and personal experiences are used to tell a story. I remember a moment, and want to give part of that back to the universe, not to record, but to retell as I see it.

Inspired by environments traveled and unique landscapes remembered, my recent work reflects water behavior, movement, scarcity, and shortage. During a year long trip through Northern Africa and Asia, I saw many geographies with limited resources of potable water. I have been exploring how water behaves as it is diverted, as it creates paths and its connections to the land it intercedes.

My images act as personal landmarks to my own journeys, or path traveled. They invoke memories of particular experience, mood, and quality of light, in a certain place at a specific time. The work that I make comments on, and hopefully compliments the natural world, as an impression of place at the time of its discovery.