Below are sites committed to informing artists, particularly printmakers, about issues, processes, and news concerning original prints, drawings, book arts, hand-made paper, plastic arts, installation, video, and other important topics not limited to, but concerning the print world. Some places are educational, some non-profit, some professional artists, friends, and, of course, some sites academic.

A Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery Collaborative Project
Althea Murphy-Price
Art in Print
Bill Smith
Brian Cavanaugh
Catherine Chauvin
Chinn Wang
Cork Printmakers
Crystal Wagner
Denver University Victoria H. Myhren Gallery
Edie Overturf
Humberto Saenz
Ian Ruffino
The Immanent Frame. SSRC. Brooklyn, NY
International Print Center, New York
Island Press
Jessica Hollywood
Jill McKeown
Juan Sanchez
Kimberly Anderson Ritchie
Laura Berman
Lloyd Menard and Frogman's Summer Workshops
Maria Pujol
Mark Ritchie
Mary Hood
Maryanne Ellison Simmonds
Melissa Schulenberg
Melissa Vogley Woods
Michael Litzau
Michelle Murillo
Michelle Rozic
Mid America Print Council
Mikaela Fortune
Myles Dunnigan
New Zealand Printmakers
Nick Satinover
Prints for Peace
Rogelio Gutierrez
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Scott Ludwig
Southern Graphics Council International
Susan Hover Oehme
Tamarind Institute
Tracy Templeton
University of Tennessee